Secrets of the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout


Why is America and the world for that matter so interested in Brad Pitt’s celebrity workouts for fight club and the movie Troy? Okay, okay I know one look at Brad Pitt shirtless and every girl in the movie theater looks at her boyfriend with dismay. Well, read this article and learn how you could have fight club abs simply by following some of the secrets of the Brad Pitt fight club workout!

The Brad Pitt body in both Fight Club and Troy were not your typical bodybuilder or Arnold Schwarzenegger type of physiques. I guess when they thought about the type of conditioning and muscle size that Tyler Durden & Achilles should portray on the movie screen they must’ve thought about functional strength and size. By the way, one of the earliest celebrities that was in great physical condition for his films was… Bruce Lee.

He also believed in functional strength over what he termed “Muscular Bulk.” That makes sense, for a warrior like Achilles or a fighter like Tyler Durden. You may also be surprised to learn, that many more women are attracted by the Brad Pitt body, then the Arnold Schwarzenegger type of physique.

Celebrity Workouts Brad Pitt – Fight Club Abs

To get the Brad Pitt abs that were featured in both Troy and Fight Cub is actually not that difficult. It is a matter of exercising your stomach muscles without encouraging them to grow. What I mean by that, is that if you use too much resistance in training your abdominal muscles they will become thicker, just like any other muscle. Not a pretty sight!

In order to have your own fight club abs you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, fats and simple sugars that you consume. Also, I would encourage you… depending on your body fat percentage, to begin a cardio exercise program. Start out by walking for 20 minutes a day 3 to 4 times a week. Your diet should consist of a 40-30-30 ratio.

That’s 40% of your intake should be from proteins. Preferably whey protein isolates supplements… since they are the best. 30% complex carbohydrates and 30% from unsaturated fats. I would also recommend using krill oil or flaxseed oil. This will help your body in releasing stubborn fat.

Celebrity Workouts Brad Pitt – Fight Club Workout

The fight club work out was focused on strength training and circuit training. You don’t need to join a gym to get these kind of results. Simply by using a good set of resistance bands or isometric exerciser that allows you to perform both isometrics and isotonics exercises will do. Or if you have a set of dumbbells that is okay also.

The fight club workout routine should be as follows:

* Train six days on and one day off.

* Superset your exercises.

* Rest no more than one minute between exercises.

* Strive to increase the resistance every workout.

There really is no secret to having a Brad Pitt body. All it requires is a little bit of determination, motivation and the correct training program. You can achieve these results even in the convenience of your home.

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