Having a stronger back is something we often ignore. The consequences of our youth hits us like a boomerang without prior notice. Hence, take care of it while you still can.

Back exercise is a rare thing to ordinary people, but if you have heard or seen people who are fond of doing workouts, they may have mentioned it every now and then. They are the ones who have a more profound understanding of the importance of having a stronger back. It is just as important as putting reinforcements to your house on its foundations. That being said, your back plays a vital role in your body’s foundation.

Now, back machines are a thing. Those were designed to have a stronger back to improve the quality of life altogether. A stronger back can significantly allow you to do varied tasks with relative ease. Surprisingly, someone with a stronger back is more likely to be somewhat protected against minor injuries.

Technically, our “back” has two parts namely; upper back and lower back. It is plainly a no-brainer and its names speak for itself as to where you can find it in our bodies. However, the basic functionality of our back is strength and proper posture. And the main ways for you to improve its muscles is to pull, lift and carry. Thus, exercises involving the three is the main key to keeping it strong and healthy.

As technology improves over the years, equipment and machines are then introduced. In this respect, back machines are then made.

As you can see, it comes with different forms. All of them are made of levers to address different back exercising needs. However, having back machines is not quite ideal for beginners. It could be when guided by the professionals, may it be a fitness trainer or a fitness coach. Either way, these back machines can be a bit complicated.

To give you an overview on some of the common back machines, here are a few:


This is an iso-lateral wide pull-down where it works up mainly the “lats”. The term, “lats” comes from the original word, “latissimus dorsi”, which relevantly mean the roughly triangular muscles covering the lower part of your back closely extending towards the sacral, lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae towards the armpit area. This machine includes adjustable resistance and plates. 

The exercise done with this machine is best performed while sitting down with some restraint on the upper thighs. While doing that,  you will have to pull down a hanging bar up to your chin. Do the motion repetitively as you release back up with control in every round. This machine primarily helps you attain proper posture and makes it easier to do day to day tasks such as doing a pull-up or pulling a door.

Tip: Make sure you do the proper form with a wide and tight grip on the bar as you sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground.


This is a tricky machine to use as it would require you to use it with the supervision of your personal trainer to make sure that everything is done well safely as it uses gravity to cause resistance. That alone can be a challenging thing to face. However, this is a go to kind of back machine if your goal is to strengthen your core, focusing on your core back muscles. 

This doesn’t include the front core which includes the family of your abdominal muscles. This also helps improve good posture and spine stability. 

Moreover, this back machine includes different functional positions when exercising, depending on your level of comfort, capability, and endurance. It facilitates basic movements such as leaning forward, lifting things on the ground and turning from one side to another.

Tip: Do this slowly within your control as you arch your back.


This is a machine characterized by a horizontal machine with foot plates and a bench. This is mainly used to strengthen the upper body to improve and develop the muscle groups near your forearm muscles and back muscles. Thus, this  is a good aid for your middle back part. 

This targets primarily a set of varied muscle groups such as the lats, arms, triceps and biceps. On the side, it also helps the “glutes” or originally called “gluteus maximus”, which means any of the three muscle groups in the buttocks, hips and thighs as it does some stabilizing movements in the workout.

Tip: Keep your back straight, knees bent, tight grip and proper forms of the exercise.


This comes in different versions. One thing in common is that it will position you at a certain angle to do a concentrated exercise to target the upper back muscles without the rocking motion that will eventually allow you to lift heavier weights. Each of the different angles provide varying complexity of exercises  and support stability of the muscle groups targeted. 

Tip: Position comfortably and do not perform exercises without proper supervision of a trainer/coach.

Well, there are more to these samples. However, one thing is for sure, when you are using back machines, make sure you are positioned comfortably on the machine. Doubly secure your safety with professional supervision, may it be by a personal workout trainer or a fitness coach. These back machines are highly effective only when done right. 

Thus, bear in mind that you can attain your best shape with these machines the right way with someone well-versed in using them. Or you can learn how to use them like a pro. So, good luck with your fitness journey with back machines!

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