Increase Your Endurance through Pilates Method


Pilates really sounds complicated if you have no idea what it is. In actuality, it is a form of exercise where you execute low-impact exercises. It mainly focuses on building up and strengthening up your core muscles. The more you do this kind of exercise, the more you will realize that it can be closely mistaken to be similar to yoga as it would improve your posture, versatility, and balance.

That means, you can have an actual workout without actually look overly muscly because of the routines you do. Pilates is more on the softer side of physical fitness. Though there are some hardcore versions of it where you will need a bit of equipment to scale your level of difficulty with the exercises. Nevertheless, it is one of the most flexible types of exercises as you can do this literally everywhere.

Pretty much similar to yoga, you can just do it anywhere you wish for as long as you have a mat and you have the list of routines may it be on paper, video recording or in mind, then you are good to go!

Well, the term “Pilates” was originally coined after its creator, Joseph Pilates, who first developed the exercises in the early 1920s. Yes, you read it right, 1920s. That means, this form of exercise has been proven and tested in over many decades. Originally, this was created to be an exercise done in solemnity but as the world ages, it has also come to enter the contemporary side of the world where you can jazz up your exercise sessions with some good pumped up music in the background.

Generally, Pilates consists of a series of exercises with target focused on the extremities and parts of your cores such as the upper abdomen and/or obliques. You will get an idea of these terms once you get started with the actual exercises or with a bit of research about it.

Primarily, it was created to include the idea of promoting core strength, muscle control and endurance. Highly more on endurance since it stresses the strict discipline for proper posture, movement patterns as well as an equilibrium of flexibility and core strength. Interestingly, Pilates does not only cater the build up of whatever muscle toning you are eyeing on, but it can also serve as a way to rehabilitate worn out muscles due to training overload from sports or improper physical strains, etc.

Though this kind of exercise might seem daunting, but fear not!

This is as doable as A-B-C. Anyone can try it out. However, the real question is who among you can actually get through the consistency in getting on track of its routine tracks?

Though the positions and routines are rather simple and intricate in some sense. It is more like a tougher version of yoga. In contrast to the stigma, Pilates is not exclusive only for avid athletes or professional dancers.

This may have been a common misconception circulating around since some of the advanced levels of Pilates require complex equipment that would boggle your minds as to how you can utilize and incorporate it in your routines. The apparatus named, Reformer, is one of the best examples to this. It is an equipment where you lie on a seemingly bed-like structure with a sliding carriage and adjustable springs on the side. Don’t worry, that should not put your life in danger. Ironically, it can even improve your overall fitness and health wellness in the long term.

However, Pilates is quite simpler than the aforementioned. If you are a beginner or someone who prefers a simpler go to, then this is doable for you. Just secure a mat, and that’s it!

This exercise is suitable for all ages. However, if you are quite a bit older, you might want to consult a physician, especially if you haven’t really had much active physical activities in the recent years prior to your plans in starting to do Pilates.

Just keep in mind that Pilates is a method of exercise where your body will be stretched, challenged, disciplined and reformed. So, this will require a lot of adjustments into your overall being, especially on the physical aspect. So you need to have a ready mind and body to get started with it.

Generally, Pilates adapts milder strength training and stability programs. The best thing about it is that you can modify the difficulty level, depending on the individuals’ capacity and endurance. It is best that you start slow at first and gradually increase workout intensity.

Altogether, Pilates has regained its popularity to the majority in the midst of the pandemic. People nowadays are leaning towards keeping themselves healthier since it has been a major concern in recent years. Why? Because it is a graceful way to exercise since it keeps fitness and grace intact all throughout the course of all the workout routines. Though this method can be for both genders, women outnumbered men in the Pilates world.

Since Pilates is a full-body exercise method, it will keep your body keep up to its optimal shape and functioning. It creates massive strength on your foundation by building up your core strength first and foremost. 

Do take note that Pilates does a lot to increase your endurance.


  1. It requires you to do a lot of repetitions.
  2. Discipline is a high regard to execute the forms successfully.
  3. Resistance bands can help but muscle control goes a long way.
  4. It makes you hold on to a challenging position that imposes more exertion of energy and force.
  5. It introduces your muscles to routines that stretch it beyond its normal day to day movements.
  6. You will always be sore after every workout.
  7. This type of exercise method works better with proper clothing.
  8. It gives the ultimate results when there is a well-rounded routine that addresses all muscle groups.
  9. It aligns your body to its perfect shape possible.
  10. Warm ups prep you to the real deal as you gradually increase workout intensity.

All these come into play in increasing your endurance as you would do some Pilates exercises. To give you more ideas on how it looks like to do Pilates workout routines, see some of its workout positions and you’ll get an idea on its difficulty level. As you see it, you’ll be the only one to judge whether or not it would be something challenging for you or not. If you think you can do it, go for it!

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